earthquake Nepal

We all have seen the horrible pictures of the earthquake in Nepal. So many people have died, so much damage in a small country already suffering from political and economical malpractice….

So much damage on unreplacable national heritage: the major temple-squares in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are severely damaged or destroyed. So much of high historical and artistical value has been gone for-ever….

Please, whoever reads this, send money to those poor and utterly helpless people. They NEED our help!

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back from Kathmandu

Two weeks in Nepal. It has been more than one year, but in Nepal things change slowly…. Still a political chaos, still no constitution….
But I was luckely able to find some amazing objects. It took some trouble to leave the country, because of a crashed airplane of Turkish Airlines, that blocked the complete airport, and by that the complete country!! Some days delay, khe garne

DSC01031 (2)

lackered bookcover with qiangjin-technique Triratna.
China (Beijing), Imperial Workshops, period of the Yongle-emperor (1403-1424).

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Opening Tribal Art Fair

October 2014

Thursday, the 23th of October, is the opening of the Tribal Art Fair, in Amsterdam. As always the location is the beautiful church De Duif on the Prinsengracht, opposite the Amstelveld. Dealers from the Netherlands, Germany, France, England and the USA will show objects from non-European cultures; Africa, Indonesia, Oceania, the Americas, and – of course! – Asia. Every year a great event, and a lot of fun! The show will be till Sunday the 26th of October.

DSC00633 (2)  DSC00632 (2)

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Show AAB in Brussels

early June 2014
Again the show in Brussels, a new name (AAB: Asian Art in Brussels), but every year growing in importance for the Asian art market. A new location, again in the Rue des Minimes.

DSC00284 (2)    DSC00282 (2)

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Visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

the 10th of May, 2014

FINALLY! His Holiness the Dalai Lama came to the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam to visit and bless the Tibetan collection, which used to be under my curator-ship. A wonderful event, and the Dalai Lama even gave the collection, which is dedicated to the fenomenon `Dalai Lama’ or `tulku’ in general, a special, auspicious Tibetan religious name: Chökhor Ling: The Place of the Sacred Mandala.

Wereldmuseum013 (3)

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Our new website is online!

The new website is on-line! Enjoy!

After the change of adress from the Kerkstraat to the wonderful new location on the Keizersgracht, the completely new website is the `icing on the cake’.

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