assembly tree (tsog-shing)

paint on textile
Mongolia, around 1900 AD.
14,5 x 12 cm.

tsog-shing is the name of this representation: a tree, growing out of the Cosmic Ocean, filled with the most important figures/deities of the Gelugpa-tradition, with Tsongkhapa in top. Above three groups of deities and lamas, showing the different traditions that lead to the foundation of the Gelugpa-order by Tsongkhapa. In the corners two paradises: Tushita, the paradise of Maitreya and Sukhavati, the paradise of Buddha Amitabha.
Below right sits Ged√ľndup, the pupil of Tsongkhapa, who saw this tsog-shing in a vision. Below left a palace with the Saptaratna, in the ocean the Meru-mountain and the Astamangala.
Very finely painted on a small space!

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