Vajra Tara

yellowish stone (phyllite), traces of gilding
Northeastern India (Pala), 11th-12th cent.
high: 10,5 cm.

Very rare, and exquisitely carved stone statue, belonging to s small group of stone statues in yellow or grey fine-grained stone. This group was first described by Steven Kossak, and slightly later by Ulrich von Schroeder, in his magnus opus Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet.
At the backside a crude inscription of ` Om Ah Hum’ .

Steven Kossak, ` A Group of Miniature Pala Stelae from Bengal’ , in: Orientations‘ , vol. 29, nr. 7 (July/August 1998), p. 19-27.
Ulrich von Schroeder, Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet, volume one, India and Nepal, Hong Kong, 2001, p. 369 ff.

ex: Gallery Art of the Past, New York, ca. 1998
private German collection, 2003-2022


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