The Four Transcedent Lords (Deshek Tsozhi)

carved and painted wood
Tibet, 14th-15th cent.
size: 66 x 18 cm; 2,5 cm thick

In Bonpo-religion the Four Transcedent Lords are the pricipal group of peaceful deities, headed by the Mother (Yum), and three male deities. From left to right: Satrig Ersang, Shenla Wökar, Sangpo Bumtri, and Tönpa Shenrab.

On the outerside are carved two symbols of the Ten Powerful Ones (Dashaksaro Vashi; Namchu Bangden), which is strange, because this is the symbol for the Kalachakra, a specific Buddhist symbol. Another Bonpo cover, though, with the same combination, is in a private collection, Switzerland, so I presume this combination is more common…


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