Phagpa Lokeshvara

painted and gilded wood
Tibet, ca. 16th cent.
high: 31 cm.

This is one of a small group of copies – most of them in wood or ivory – of the sacred Nepalese statue of Phagpa Lokeshvar, brought in Tibet in the 7th cent, and still is in the Phagpa Lhakhang in the Potala-palace in Lhasa. They all have the same features.
see: Ian Alsop, `The Phagpa Lokesvara of the Potala’, Orientations, vol. 21, no. 4 (April 1990), p. 51-61.

For another example:
Giles Béguin, Art sacré du Tibet – Collection Alain Bordier, Paris, 2013, nr. 53 (p. 96-97).



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