tantric offering for Begtse

paint on textile; silk brocade mounting
Tibet, around 1900 AD.,
size painting: 75 x 74 cm; total: 135 x 92 cm.

A rare and very detailed painting of the tantric offerings (kang dza) for the Dharmapala Begtse and his acolytes. This is painted as a so-called projection: the attributes and the clothes are depicted, and one has to project spiritually the deity in it.

This thangka belongs to a larger series, depicting the projections of all the Dharmapalas, belonging to the Gelugpa-tradition.
On the backside a long inscription describing the deity and the specific offerings to him; above a small text, indicating the place this painting had in the complete series.
The thangka is in the original, very ornate, mounting.

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