Chakrasamvara yab-yum

firegilded bronze, cast in different parts
Nepal (Kathmandu-valley), dated Nepal Samvat 1002 (1882 AD.)
high: 17,5 cm.

Around the border of the lotus-base and on the bottomplate is a very interesting inscription, mentioning the donor (Thiravajra Vajracharya), his wife Sukhavati and son Purnakumari, who donated this sculpture of Heruka-Vajravilasini to the temple of Sankhu, on the 10th/11th lunar day of the waning moon of (the month) Jyestha, in Nepal Samvat 1002 (i.e. Sunday the 11th of June, 1882), for the salvation of the deceased father and mother of the donor.

A late, but very finely cast bronze, in the old tradition of the Malla-kingdoms.



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