Palden Lhamo

paint on silk (nag thang); original silk-damask mounting
Mongolia, 19th cent.
size (painting): 66 x 42 cm.

Nice so-called black thangka, with a representation of Palden Lhamo, the main female protecive deity of the Gelugpa-tradition. As always, she is accompanied by her two helpers, Simhavaktra and Makaravaktra. In top is the Buddha Vajradhara, with right Yamantaka and left Yama Dharmaraja.  The small black-on-white deities (Sitatapatra, Sadakshsari and the White Tara), that surround the main figure, are woodblock-prints. Below four fierce (local) deities, riding on a bull, a horse, a stag and a Mongolian camel.

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