mandala of Vajrabhairava

paint and gold on textile; silk brocade mounting and silk forehang
Tibet, around 1500 AD.
size painting: 33 x 32,5 cm; total: 72 x 57 cm, incl. bronze knobs

beautifully painted mandala, with very fine details. Intriguing is in the center of the mandala the human face, hands and feet on three of the cardinal points. I know of two other similar mandalas of Vajrabhairava: one is published by Raghu Vira and Lokesh Chandra, in Tibetan Mandalas of the Tantra-Samuccaya, New Delhi 1995 (Sata-Pitaka Series, Vol. 383), and another in the – still amazing and monumental – Tibetan Painted Scrolls, by Giuseppe Tucci (Roma, 1949), vol. 2 (thangka n. 182; plate 216), where this strange phenomenon is fully explained.

On the backside the dedication `Om Ah Hum’ in gold.
Typical mandala in the style of the Sakya-tradition.


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