ceremonial necklace for a statue

firegilded copper repousse
Kathmandu-valley, 1641-1674.
high: 34 cm.

Depicted are Durga in the centre, surrounded by the Astamatrikas.

inscribed: Shri shri Pratapamalla manip (presented by His Holiness Pratapamalla).
Pratapamalla was king of Kathmandu from 1641 to 1674.
Another, much more elaborate necklace, also inscribed with the name of Pratapamalla, is in the Art Institute of Chicago (ex-coll. Alsdorf). See: P. Pal,  A Collecting Odyssey – Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art from the James and Marilynn Alsdorf Collection, Chicago 1997, p. 233 (nr. 308), p. 342.
P. Pal, Himalaya, An Aestetic Adventure, Chicago 2003, p. 75 (nr. 43).

Another, almost identical necklace, slightly smaller and without inscription, was in a private collection in Paris. See: Gilles Béguin and Gérard Toffin, L’Art Néwar de la vallée de Kathmandu, Paris 1990, p. 63.

An almost identical necklace, also without inscription, was offered for sale at Bonhams, New York, on 23rd of September 2020 (nr. 633).


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