Tsongkhapa and scenes from his life

paint and gold on textile
Tibet, 18th-19th cent.
size: 67,5 x 45,5 cm.

The seated lama is surrounded by finely painted scenes from his life, all annotated with texts in gold.

This thangka is one out of a set of 15 thangkas, well-known and published, depicting the various episodes from Tsongkhas life, with in the center a thangka depicting Buddha Sakyamuni. This thangka is the seventh thangka at the right. This series is based on large woodblock-prints, made in the now-destroyed monastery of Narthang, near Shigatse in the Tsang-province.
See for instance: Giuseppe Tucci, Tibetan Painted Scrolls, Rome, 1949, vol. II, p. 417 ff., and fig. 113.
Also: 15 Thangkas of Lama Tsongkhapa | Tsem Rinpoche’s Resources (tsemtulku.com)


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